Wednesday, November 2, 2011

fine || "What Are Words" - Chris Medina

Congrats~ :D I'm not gonna make a big deal out of this but still :) Poking fun aside, ehehe I wish you all the best :D

Oh my dad has just started a 5 min countdown and out of the com room I go~

So, uh,

1. I love Disney movies!!! And Studio Ghibli :D :D lovelovelove <333

2. What's the deal? You're so insensitive. Intrusive. D: I know, I got to be more kai fang also. Whatsoever I think I'm doing quite well alr :P

3. Stop mentioning it. Stop teasing about it. And I know I can't get angry 'cause I never clarified anyway. am I supposed to?

4. training killed me :( I need to self-train. cannot fall back so badly. Oh but shelf super zaiiii!! Running demon :O


6. reading the medic book came in handy! :D my family was watching the korean show and commenting on how the girl was probably going to become a retard after being suffocated for so long. Then there was a debate about whether she would become a retard or would be okay (if she survived). So I said 3-4 minutes of oxygen deprivation would make you a retard (medic book!). So we concluded she was a goner. But she woke up and was fine~ well, good :D

7. Twitter so fun hehehe I want one too!! Though I might never get around to having one but the quotes so funny hahahahaha.

8. cheer up! :)

HAHA okok time to goooooo seeyounexttime :D

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