Wednesday, November 23, 2011

contemplative || "Love Story meets Viva La Vida" - Jon Schmidt

HAHA this game totally made me laugh when I saw it ;D guess why?

Knead for Speed

Bake your way to glory with six bread-crazed brothers.

anyway I wasted half an hour and made it to the end. LOL. who else wants to waste time? omg don't waste it on vitas hahahha!! okay wait he's a good singer but don't waste it on wannabe vitas's! even if they're super retarded :P

so today joshua asked me a funny question:
hey do you think porcupines shoot out their spines?

I'd say, no ._.

no comment on chess games haha!! oh but it was fun :D maybe we should be the mountaineering-chess club! come to think of it there are a few pictures of our laolaos playing chess :O there might be some

Pig update (day 6):
I didn't take her out cause it was rainy and she's all jumpy :/ anyway my dad wants me to cover that gap under the balcony railings before bringing her there so she won't commit suicide or something. I have a rough idea how I'm going to do it, but I'm damn scared she'll do some acrobatic leap and fly out the window.

AHH. please pig don't give me a heart attack tmr T.T

oh and when I call her pig she looks up at me now!! :D :D uh oh. I hope her owner doesn't notice when I give her back :X

*pig update over!*

Today in the shower I found out that, if I cup my hand I collect bubbly splashes in the shape of a heart! <3 haha! you can go try it :)

Ah today. I really don't know why I'm so mean. It's as if some niceness took a vacation. I don't understand. I don't want that annoying lilt. I don't want to speak without thinking and find out that the words are - not nice.

hahaha yeah yeah I'm not as nice as I think I am.

what constitutes nice anyway? is nice telling someone the truth even if it will bring him pain? or is it concealing it even though that means letting him continue to make mistakes? are you nice if you go out of your way for people, even if in the process you give wrong impressions? or is nice distancing yourself from people in order to keep things clear?

'it's different for everyone'. but my niceness is dropping and I don't know why.

is this where I pledge to improve and become an angel D: no. this is where I thank the stars (I can't bring myself to go further, alright ><) for the people who are actually, unbelievably, nice enough to put up with such nonsense. and yes. I'll actually try to be nicer ^^= but expect slow progress because, I don't mean I'm going to start faking smiles or laughing at stuff that is totally not funny. I mean...genuinely being nicer. which is...uff. not easy.


you're not as innocent as you want to seem. you're not as nice as you want others to think. and though I can accept that most times - because, all things considered, despising everyone like that would be plain hypocritical if I just looked in a mirror. however.

I get the feeling you're setting fires to light your way but burning people in the process. I'm mean enough to not care. as long as you don't start your arson anywhere near those close to me.

aish. LOLOL that's where the watermen come in ;D

and I just remembered something today~ I mentioned teammates are always above reproach. that means whatever issues I have with you guys, I've pretty much settled that your good points overrule the rest. nothing to troll. If I have, I'll just turn all serious and close the matter face-to-face. in person y'know? not in allusions here hahah

omg LOL that's actually kind of funny. confront joshua: why you such an asshole???
why you *have* such a...hahhhah okayokay pause fullstop end.

the theme today is nice. pun fully intended ;)

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