Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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Hahahaha sy scammed me that there was no morning assembly (actually she also didn't know) then we both ended up coming to school late. Thinking that there was no morning assembly. Lucky I asked Jess otherwise tmr late AGAIN and next year I start school with a demerit goshhh. Thanks Jess! <3 :D :D

I WENT TO RECCE. HEHE. I still couldn't run up the gahhh hill D: oh and the route ends up leading us to the graduation dash trek. HAHA. See tmr who wants to run hehe. When I was running I had trauma sia. And gosh I can't run like normal so...tmr....fang shui ke yi mahhh :) :) :) But still very qidai :D

I still think face-to-face is better. 面对面 面包面包 


spare the breaaaad!!!!

HAHAHA. No! bread! dinners!!! [sandwiches don't count. sandwiches are Bread & Co. which makes all the diff]

[ohhh hahahaha my bro just walked in and said, "remind me how much I hate training. holy shitttt *rolls eyes* " I LAUGH. but he's becoming super buff after just training twice a week o.O ]

I lugged the fat lit book to school and returned it. Relinquished it. Handed it over. My library books are turning overdue one by one, one after the other. I return one book and the next one is overdue on that day. It's pretty funny (since the fine isn't that much anyway hahaha) but I think the librarian thinks I'm doing it on purpose HAHAHA.

Normally I think people with so many issues shouldn't be trying to take on other people's. But somehow it seems like the people who have the most troubles are the ones who are most willing to help others. Without expecting anything back. Maybe it's because they would like someone to be there for them on that rainy day they need comfort, or solace. Maybe it's because they themselves were saved by someone before, and they want to pass on that bit of kindness. Maybe they don't know why themselves, either, just that they feel the need to help people suffering in such a painfully similar way. Maybe after everything they've been through, they just don't want to see anymore pain, even in the people around them.

I think these people are rare :) I also think I love them to the heavens, to the end. I wish that God, in his mercy, will grant them grace <3 even though I have not much right to wish from Him anything ;) I hope he listens anyway :D

OHHHHH. I think today right!! The flowers were really really sweet :D I have absolutely no idea what happened between them, and when hh just left it was very dramatic - but when he entered it was x2 heartwarming ^^ ^^ awwwwww~!! He looked super nervous but he did it in front of the whole class! haha!! good save :D I wonder where he plucked the bouquet from HAHA. Poor flowers LOLL. Nevermind. They made up and everyone's happy :) :)
If fighting against my every instinct is what's needed, I will do it. I'm just afraid of what will be left of me to be. 

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