Monday, November 14, 2011

blessed || "A Thousand Years" - Christina Perri

you studied me and you were concerned. only now do I realise that in all the waiting I had forgotten how to laugh. in the end we just sat at the seats watching trains passing by. as if all the dark feelings could be whisked off before they coagulated, and we could laugh at what you have cried at before. a year has passed without any exchange, and now it seems as if I have changed to all of them but you, and you have not changed to all but me. 

I treasure our friendship :) only we are so alike your walls between thoughts and words are near-transparent. and I know that if you tried, it would be vice versa. that is why I could almost have fled from you.

there is no need to be even remotely macabre about this. there is no rhyme or reason. 

sometimes I touch you just to be sure you're real. 

if I shade you in, maybe you won't fade. but I have drawn circles in the sand, mine and yours, and if they ever touch I will run for my life.

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