Tuesday, October 11, 2011

zzz || "SING" - My Chemical Romance

As usual this is nothing important. Haha. All the nonsense. [uh-uh, no more lame bio jokes. Missense? what the hell?]

It just struck me that I really might be walking with wool over my eyes. After proving so much to me, that you're actually an okay, a pretty nice person, that you're strong, and quite awesome actually,

you better not go and prove that my trust was misplaced. I'll brain you. Kidding. I'll...ugh. Maybe I trust too easily. Make too many allowances. [my daddy gave me my allowance! FINALLYYY] Haha.

But really, don't go and prove that I really am a fool. Like I said, trust is earned, and you have earned it, and nope you haven't lied to me yet. As far as I can tell. But if you break it, lose it, throw it down the bin that's it. Nada. Zero. Nil. Don't prove me wrong.

This is probably necessary: the dodo I'm talking about has initials in the first 10 letters of the alphabet HAHA.

I'm not supposed to be taking any notice of mr not-worth-my-1mm-toenail's-notice but I think it's quite funny that if, for some reason, somehow somewhy somegosh you actually did what you've been telling the whole gosh darn world you're going to do, (whew! inhale)

if you did that TODAY

I would have blown up at you. Like, KABOOM. HAHA. Which just goes to show that you have some good sense. Or is that luck. Just hurry up and do something won't you get this farce over and done with it's more troublesome than you think! Just spit it out to whoever and dig your hole! Jeez!

I'm not supposed to be caring!! HAHA!

Tmr's KAPAP :D hehehe. sabbats~ everyone have fun! Funfunfun like go crazy and don't stone unless you're sleep deprived then find a corner and zzzz. Gosh kapap! :) :) :)

I just found out my bro has a blog so I shall sign off like him tonight

Signing off,

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