Friday, October 7, 2011

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"...I have yet to appreciate his beauty."

"Who are you talking about?" Dad walks in.


"Edgar Allan Poe" (I was serious). My brother, who was talking to me, starts laughing.

"..." Dad walks out.

(Y)(Y) I know he's morbid! He's also brilliant, unparalleled - in my opinion - in his work. But like I said, I have yet to appreciate his beauty LOL. I can only appreciate what I see with my own limits.

Haha today was really super epic LOLOL. Went out to eat pepper lunch!! <33 omg pepper lunch!!! with van and e and jess and jiaen HAHA :DD I always saw people eating it now I know what it is. I used to think it was some screwed claypot or smth. Then jess went off with ~ HAHA to playnation! or playstation I cannot remember lolol. <333 I'm sure you guys had alot of fun haha but 'play together in the room'! Hahahah!

then we went SPCA at bartley HEH :D I think I stoned more than I played with the dogs but that was AFTER the big golden one peed when I walked in the kennel.

Actually I feel sad for them :( I do know they're captured for us, so that they don't make trouble, and also for their own safety. But I really don't like seeing caged animals. For sure there's different ways of seeing it. I do know SPCA is trying their best to help these animals, and working really hard for their welfare. I just don't like seeing them in locked in. It's irrational, but it hurts. Of course, if there were strays running around causing disturbances I wouldn't like it either, so like I said, irrational.

But they were cute :) very cute! <33 omg I want to just bring the puppies home. And the cat! Haha maybe I'll go volunteer. If I spend time with them all day I bet I'll stop getting scared of being bitten. Some of the puppies bite sia! The cat bites! LOL!!! But not seriously haha. They're just playing. I wonder what it'd be like if we bit each other to play o.O

Then to nex just for soghurt HAHA goshhh. I just realised we're not supposed to spend all our allowance by the end of the month. Isn't that what efficient money management is? I mean, to spend it all exactly by the end of the month? Hahaha KIDDING~

And then to mcritchie omg the more I think about it the more epic it was HAHA. I'm zi-highing abit here hahaha!! It's a really pretty place :) the water was pretty, we even did nians...hehehe :D  It was just a pretty moment. The kind that's beautiful if you see it alone, and wonderful if you see it with friends :)

van: Gosh it seems really troubling... Why's the situation that way :( teammates are really...friends to be treasured. It's unfortunate that it's like that.

OH talking about that. I don't really know, y'know? No? you don't? Haha. I think maybe we're just too young to understand, all of us, but I don't think it's wrong. It's not like that! Why do I sound so uncertain haha. I've always thought of it that way so placing it in a different light is just strange.

I suddenly feel damn pissed off. At myself. Hahahah.

Oh but back to it, jiayous bah :) The funny thing about decisions is that you never know what choosing the other one would have brought - the result could have been way worse than the result of the decision you chose. Just got to stick with it with no regrets.

No regrets...sigh.

Wow I just realised I have illustrated mood swing HAHA

good luck bah :) choose for yourself selfishly, you deserve it ;)

I want to learn yoga, muay thai, judo, spanish, violin (properly!!), drawing, ice climbing, magic (awesome that's my sabbats), and the art of sitting down with me and doing nothing at all.

Oh and, at the people who are really NOT WORTH THE NOTICE OF MY LITTLE TOE'S 1MM OF TOENAIL

I ignore :P

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