Thursday, October 13, 2011

why you want to know? || "いのちの名前" - 千と千尋の神隠し

Alot of people I want to actually get to know. haha. It's not that nice to just know by name/cca/whichever y'know? HINT HINT


Ok prolly no one gets it. That's fine. 

Today in street magic I found out that there is no such thing as magic. Or maybe just that 'there is no magic' (Nakor). But things can be magical :) Out of point HAHA. Well it was fun learning all the tricks!! Although I screwed up when I had to perform the trick. Turns out I have stagefright (OP hahaha!) but it was still funn :D the bill switch is quite retarded. I like it most. 

No classmates didn't know anyone but yay got friend's friends so it turned out okay. And the girl I judged too quickly - I always do that! Bad habitt - turned out to be...actually kind of like I judged her, but nicer. music's too cynical hey? 

HAHA shall I do a one-by-one on all the people who had to do magic tricks? 

Seems like everyone gets nervous when they have to perform a lie. Guilty conscience hahaha. Girls laugh LOLOL guys stone. Damn funny. but good job everyone! Good effort HAHA. Yes I'm praising myself :) :) 

But guys seriously STONE eh. Like...stone. Then laugh. Then stone. It's quite funny! No no it's not a bad thing, I mean, it's a hundred times better than uncontrolled giggling right? Or unstoppable laughter or anything. 

Oh I found myself unconsciously doing the "thinking face" thing we learnt in kapap when I had to go up. Luckily not the sissy face. (it's the defensive stance that attempts to look normal so that you don't go all EYYA!/cowboy whenever you get approached in a quiet street. Or maybe you should. If the guy has a knife, though, skip the eyya and cowboy just run. Is what we learnt. If you can't run fast though...wait, I'm ranting. 

But if you can't run fast then attempt to look impressive and...fight, yeah! ;D )

AHHH kapap!! I tried to convince my dad it was awesome then when he asked me to do on him I couldn't remember!! Then he asked me to be the assailant and proceeded with some seriously scary kicks and elbow jabs to show me how you actually beat the hell out of whoever tries to get funny with you. 

Which is toenail, watch out. HEHEHE. I'm planning to make sure all your likely targets know. 

My dad's just scary. His mentality is, why bother seeing who can run faster? Bash him up and he's not even going to try to chase you. 

Bash him up!?

Yes, dig his eyes out break his nose and kick his groin. 


Sounds like fun no? :D 

And...a farce? Sometimes I hate words, want to squeeze them because they've got all the real, the hidden stuffs inside. Sometimes I hate words because if I cannot trust them, I cannot trust the person. Sometimes I hate words because they are so often everything, and so often nothing.

Words are supposed to be nice when they mean something. Maybe it's nicer when they mean nothing because they are nothing.

Which means you have just read a whole long page of nothing.


Got to admit, they're all we have to communicate - effectively. Also got to remember, they're lacking in the translation department - lost in translation. 

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