Saturday, October 15, 2011

down || "All She Knows" - Bruno Mars

Yay I changed my blogskin! :D Not used to it so I'll prolly be making random changes for a few days.

And my brother's taking me out to watch Real Steel tmr! <3 Actually come to think of it this is the first time he's invited me to watch a movie. o.O HMMM. Haha well I'm looking forward to it :) :) Although it means must finish most of my work tonight :(

Somehow after li jiangjun's talk I feel inundated. zzz.

copy chinese essay

revise vectors AGHH I still cannot do a single thing. TIKAM

I& week

OP script.

Chem tut

Bio tut.

Gosh. I thought listing it out was supposed to make it seem less. Why does it seem like there's more!?

Homework doesn't follow any of life's rules :P Lalala. At least it's not so bad. Somehow.

Can't run for nuts now. Running is getting frustrating cause nothing works the way it's supposed to. But not like I can stay at home all day and...make OP freaking slides. If pw was a person I would have picked a fight with him by now.



Oh and it is possible to block a kick without breaking your arm! Though that means you have to stop it early before it speeds up too much. But possible ;)

I...hmmm. Actually. Why do I even bother learning tkd. Or kapap. Or the muay thai stuff my dad teaches me on random occasions. I mean, it's not like I'm actually going to get into a fight - PW doesn't count!!! It's not like I could actually use any of that stuff (height, y'know). And besides there's the problem of actually hitting somebody. Which I have never done in my life. I mean, actually hitting, not the roughhousing kind. My brother hit me before when we were both kids, then he got so scared when I cried he didn't do it again. LOL. At least, he stopped after I reached a certain age and prolly learned how to cry and threaten at the same time. But I've never hit him. Cause he's so big.

Wait till someone tries to molest me in a lift LOL. Then I'll know whether I'm capable of punching someone in the face. Oh. Apparently punching someone in the face can break your hand, so just slap. Slapping's more effective than you think haha this guy got KO-ed by a slap.


Haha here; I said I'd reblog it :D

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