Sunday, October 2, 2011

refreshed ||

I just remembered: for those who are wallowing still because of GP :P

AQ: (last paragraph)

And lastly I think that Pinker's argument about genetically modified soybeans is just ridiculous. (blah blah)...whereas we cannot compare it with genetically enhancing our children because eating our children will bring us no harm because, obviously we don't eat our children.

*okay time's up put pens down!*

That is the most awesome ending line ever HAHA do we get marks for lameness! Maybe she'll laugh and give sympathy marks.

Usually I sing songs based on my mood: like, 'Don't Worry Be Happy' - Bobby McFerrin! when I'm feeling stressed out [tag:C TAG:C!! XDD], 'Never Grow Up' - Taylor Swift <3 when I'm stressed out, 'Simple' - Katy Perry when I'm kindaaa stressed out yes I've been stressed lately HAHA

Now I sing songs thinking of other people. Damn!

Well it seems maybe logical since most of the times (okay, sometimes only) my mood depends on people, but...wait, what? Haha. Distractions sia.

Grading was FUN :) I blocked jiaxin's turning kick and there was this super whack sound when it hit my guards and all the little kids went OHHHHH. The black belt giving commands for our sparring was gave us advice in the middle, saying don't worry just go on go on whack her guts out!

I think I started laughing and I don't think you're supposed to laugh during sparring. But I'll make it lah.

I made my own choices. The consequences...haha :) Facing those without pushing blame, is strength too.

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