Wednesday, October 26, 2011

hmmm? || "Superman" - Joe Brooks

I decided to go namly again and
I had this feeling like I was going backwards
so I decided to stop and make a prayer
and when I looked up

there was this security guard (to guard bungalows kind) grinning at me

this dude. not scared I suicide bomber ah  -____-

Well anyway I wasn't, so I smiled and he smiled

and all's well! :D

(actly I dunno. Do they pray before they kaboom?)

I want to know why we're going to school??
Although I don't mind it so much cause I think I'd be sadder when I can't meet van and jess and e and fel hahaha. But why pwww. I should study chinese. now.
:) the power of a smiley :)
oh according to joshua my OP can get A alr HEHE :D

oh my marks! it's

BACK TO OP. I think it's funny cause I thought I bombed :( LOL actually, I did bomb! I didn't practice 'cause I thought it was supposed to be joshua's group presenting ._. Well I didn't shake(much) or stutter (yay :D) but I was 1. too informal! 2. too cute??!?!

wth?? mrsloh alr said we're supposed to be ourselves right? Like, I can't help it? which is prolly the point ahahah. ying.yue! yueyue~ Stop bouncing around/ waving your hands/ moving from side to side/ doing some weird waving body thing LOLOL crud this is actually funny but I-

No, actually it really is funny hahahaha. I completely didn't realise omg. I thought I was quite steady/serious alr but noooo!!! I suck!!! Well at least now I know :D and I have a billion hours next week to practice :/

And although nobody can tell, I am in a (sort of) good mood! Even though I just kena owned at gomoku (five in a row). Siao why I so lousy one. But got improvement hehe :D

Actually alot of things happened in school today.

1. I've never gotten yelled at by my parents before. They never needed to, as in, they just hit the weak spots. The same guilt traps (haha vann my vocab expanding leh) the same threats the same old same old but I really never got yelled at before :( I think there's always two sides to an issue, but there are also limits to how unreasonable parents can be. I wonder why they never understand that. I wonder why they can't see.

On the bright side (aiyo it's nighttime) tmr you get to go out!! :D :D out and drink - share <3 - bubble tea and maybe even pepper lunch hahaha so don't sad!! I'm not sure if you called me yst cause I still haven't charged my phone but if he daos you you can always call other people :D confirm got loads who <3 you ;)

2. stomach get well soon kayyy!!! super scary sia during break you looked really really sick :( haha sorry training only just started I'm not strong enough to carry you up 3 storeys LOLOL. so don't get sick again!! rest well tmr haha if you really sick again later no one strong enough to carry you and...a chicken'll have to come in... -___- wth HAHA I think that would just make you more sick. sigh.

3. I knowwww. Thing is once I decide I don't like someone, it's damn hard to make me change my mind. Congratulations! You made me change my mind! :D I still don't like it when you laugh super loud in my ear though. I do think you're nice though :D

4. not today. surprisingly this person will always drive me towards what I want, really want, more than achievement, excitement, serenity. Maybe I want them more but I really haven't found 'em yet, which is why I really need - not want, I guess - x. Haha. x! x for xylophone? xylem? nahh.

even more amazingly, this alphabetawhatever person doesn't even know it. has no clue at all. that's great, because alphabetawhatever might actually understand

5. If you caught a swordfish and a samurai fish...HOHOHO :D


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