Sunday, October 16, 2011

:) || "Everybody" - Ingrid Michaelson


I think I should be angry, but I just can't. Get angry at you. Oh, but that doesn't mean I won't get annoyed or anything, but...not...angry.

Ladeedum. I <3 this song :)

Oh Real Steel was really really good!! Actually I thought I got scammed by my brother because he first brought me to some "Now We Can" show and I was like UHHH? But then he bought me gong cha and I bought him frolick HAHA then we went to watch movie (Y). At first it was kind of scary cause you know the guy is going to fail, his robot is going to get owned, and everything's just going to go wrong. Then there was A LOT of fighting and bashing and screaming and I was like, why am I here???

Then it started to get good :DD

Max (the guy's kid) is really cute HAHA. Has super cute puppy eyes and a lot of guts. The best part was when their last-generation robot that Max dug from the junkyard started owning all the two-headed/ golem looking robots.

It's touching and the action is seriously awesome, go watch!! :) :)

Almost; so close, so very, very close. There's always a point of no return, watch it closely because once it's crossed, it's ten times harder to go back.

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