Saturday, October 8, 2011

D: || "When You Believe" - David Archuleta

  When I have ceased to break my wings
  Against the faultiness of things,
  And learned that compromises wait
  Behind each hardly opened gate,
  When I can look Life in the eyes,
  Grown calm and very coldly wise,
  Life will have given me the Truth,
  And taken in exchange--my youth.
-- Wisdom, Sara Teasdale

I honestly don't want to be superior or anything but - and really, everything before the but is bullshit (quote:Newsweek LOL) - you never experienced it. You weren't there. How the hell are you supposed to understand? 

Just because you don't understand does not make it any more inexplicable. Zzzz. "I don't understand" without any effort at trying is only being irresponsible and dumb. If you don't see both sides, how dare you decide what is right and wrong? 


Rantrantrant hahaha. Aiyo. Well it's true I can't see both sides sometimes. Like why on earth does this dude want to kill people? Or stuff like that. Sigh. Haha...but stillllllllllll AGH. Not everyone's got the same values, and that means we see things according to our own rules. So I suppose it's inevitable. Doesn't stop me from getting angry. 

Ahhh. Maybe I should just not be angry. 

Just apply joshua tactics *(^&$#$#^^& oops it's his birthday yesterday. Whatever. The breathe breathe pretend I didn't hear or if I did hear I don't care tactic. ENOUGH. I already decided

To seek no strength in waving reeds
Nor shade beneath a straggling pine; 

Shade under an umbrella! Haha. Whaaat? Sian. goodnight :P 

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