Monday, October 31, 2011

cuiiii || "Angel With A Shotgun" - The Cab

tumdedum. I dreamt about a blue-hooded person (man? woman?) it was very sad cause he (let's assume it's a he) was abandoned by his father. Not just abandoned, he was despised, thrown aside. He stood up and continued walking. Somehow he made his way up to become his father's bodyguard. Till the end his dad never realised the man under the hood was his son.

He fell in love somewhere in the middle. But then he couldn't be free because if he was, he would compromise his father's security. I don't understand why he sacrificed so much for the man that threw him away D:

Anywayyy. That was a dream!

Must prepare for OP le. D:

Today's training wasn't that bad actually, joshua just miscounted twice. And he stuck to three seconds!! Amazing!! Now that we've crossed one boundary now let's work on his counting. Hehe :D Dunno why he doesn't like __ HAHA okay actually I can understand. A bit. But you've got to see the good with the bad~ eurgh and I'm actually saying that? I only bother trying to see the good if the bad is something I can deal with. That said, mr. bread might not see a lot, but he sure does care :/ Doesn't matter if he can't see no good or no bad, he's going to be nice to you anyway. Unless it's to __ hahahahahhaa omgg.

Enough psychoanalysis my social perception thingy fail remember? :P

About chinese...uhhh... hahaha. I really don't know what to say. Just wait for results bah.

I don't think you believed me when I said it was for a friend? Well, fine. It was, partially. It wasn't, partially..

Back to training :D Haha anyone wondered how a cockroach got to the third floor? Esp since it was dead?? Hahahahaha :D LOLL. We did 3 sets 20 and gosh super cui :( very very cui. me lah. people like zachary and *$%^&^( joshua like doing morning exercise like that =.=

And I'm recording all this down because...?

SOLOMON POON. After skipping so many trainings (I don't care if got valid reason!!! >D) your ankle better HEAL COMPLETELY. Heal 10000% +1%! If it doesn't, I will...I WILL... do something to it! To make it heal faster! D: so there :P Will gen ni suan zhang some other day HEHE. watermannnn. don't spend all your life gymming man those metal machines need a break too :)

I wonder if all older brothers are like that? (hasty generalization hahaha) but even so, I wonder...hmm. I remember in secondary school my brother was my excuse for anything I needed an excuse for, and I was his excuse for everything.

And you. You~! Why never just forge ahead? Some things are worth embarrassment and hurt for. Unless they aren't. That was your decision, anyway. But she's one damn lucky girl :)

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