Sunday, October 23, 2011

-__- || "Beautiful" - Eminem

I think I forgot somewhere along the way - maybe I never even thought about it from the start - but this blog is not a process. Or rather, it should not be a process. It's supposed to be a record, or a organization of thought. Although yes, most times it's just me telling some spastic stuffs :D

I'm back from fishing! Did I catch any fish? Dun-no~

Well. This might be random.

Don't believe what people say to scare you or put you down

Don't let yourself drown in despair

Decide to fight, not run

And if you decide to fight, don't ever give up. Your account to yourself is the most important.

aye it's hard sometimes. I know.

I was lucky. Jiax was there when -. Nicm kes and gj were there when -. And I've gotten quite sick of relying on people. When I get into a funk I can't help it though, it's different from when - or - happens hohoho. It's actually not something to laugh about but if I take it with a pinch of humour it's more palatable. Like salt.

Anyway I just do whatever I want to do. (sorry) Even if it's singing in the middle of a road (never in buses though LOLOL that's just shameless) or staring at you without saying anything or ignoring everyone or laughing at the stupidest stuff not because it's funny but because laughing is the apex between sane and insane.

And of course van and jess and e and you guys tsk tsk boost ego huh. I refuse! Anyway the above 4 people don't read this blog :P

The least I can do is to not drag anyone down when I'm like that. There's a difference between having issues and having issues when the world's in black and gray. At least these are the times when sparklers and fireworks and glow in the dark dinosaurs are the prettiest, just got to open them eyes and see them.

Seeeeeeeeeeee ze sparklerssss

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