Thursday, September 22, 2011

zonked out ||

Whoahaha I'm finally updating!!

A short note on when the com crashed: I first found out when I walked in the com room to find NO COMPUTER. I thought that my parents had given up keeping me from the keeping it from me. But no. It crashed.

Chinese was interesting, as usual.

Okay. I know that I shouldn't be doing this [oh this sounds like a reply to -- no, it isn't, I'm writing all this based on 2 hrs of sleep so please, read with discretion] but I needed a different perspective. I know that, left alone, I usually miss out the most obvious things/solutions/stuffs for everything. Today, I just didn't know why you asked me that. So I just answered, the answer I shouldn't be saying.

People nowadays keep asking me why I'm so happy. All I do is laugh because I have no idea.

Oh one thing. I don't think you read this blog. I hope not. Read the signs, dude. When you walk into a conversation and I start singing, heart to heart to heart (4minute!) get a hint and just go away, alright? You might be lonely sitting on the corner of the class bench but, really. You just sit in invading privacy like that, things that I'm not comfortable talking about with other people, you sit there looking expectant like I owe you?

Yeesh. Yeah, so meannn. It's just - I don't like it, kay?

Oh, and, the reason why I run is because: when I'm running, it feels like I can't be caught. She drives; I run. She sees everything in a new persective - I see nothing at all. We're both looking for the same thing.

There's something fundamentally different, but I can't quite catch it. I might one day.

You smile at me. Ah Creon, Think me a fool, if you like; but it may well be That a fool convicts me of folly. - Antigone

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant ;D

And I'm slowly getting there. Everyone is entitled to whatever they want to do. However, not everyone accepts everything everyone else does. There may be many reasons for why you're doing something. Unless you say them, though, you're the only one who knows 'em. And after you say them, ends and means, yeah? Giving a reason for doing something won't give you a half mark and tick, the reason may be justified, you still may not get the mark.

Yes. I'll keep that in mind too :)

I really really like the chinese people. Haha. Random much? But really, these are all nice people to the max.

And, for all the spaz/funny/lame/hth/serious convos <3

let's all jiayous! :D

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