Saturday, September 24, 2011

zingggpow ||

A beyooooooooooooootiful pattern <3

For people who'll tell it to your faces, but who are kind enough to wrap marshmallows round it first.

Oh melted marshmallows HAHA

[*] For the one who's doing everything -- do but hasn't realised it's not what you do but who you are. Doing things that make it seem as if --, is not going to make things out that way. We can always hope. But you're just tying them shoelaces up together.

For the one who's unafraid and unworried about saying in the open what everyone says behind *'s back. Is that right or wrong?

For the one who would rather it's not said at all, because unsaid it might just disappear. Now who's the dreamer. Or is this kind?

You call it kind, I call it cruel.

She calls it smart, you think it's unethical.

One walks a straight line, the other one gravitates towards side paths.

Missing the sky for the clouds.

And we wonder why people get hurt.

I used to wonder why people do things like this. And now I know? Hopefully not.

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