Monday, September 12, 2011

ZAH || "Smile" - Avril Lavigne

Today I drew seven smilies on my lit lecture notes and they made me smile.

Today "do girls have chest hair?" made me laugh.

Today "is she the girl that called tk short" made me laugh choke

Today an egg mayo sandwich lasting till the day ended [and beyond!] made me smile

E singing made me smile

"I can't stand her...for what? Just for her existence" made me laugh. Damn, I'm mean :P But sometimes I can totally relate. 

"in a sea of indulgence" LOL

I tripped on a step and we both laughed xD

I'm not going to even try and collect them, but they do leave an impression. Haha. Yes. I'm transparent. Yes, I'm trying to cheer myself upppppppp upandawayyyy!!

Alright. Alright, okay, fine, yes? If the first step wasn't so hard - but that's the point of it, I suppose. Am I lagging or just on chrome. 


:] there. I'll settle for a smirk. Muahaha. Smiles come another day.

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