Friday, September 30, 2011

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There was this amazing 'solve the world's problems or at least some of the problems I'm facing' thought that I was going to post here,

but I forgot.

Yeah, I know. My loss, your loss, everyone's loss, the whole world cries.

Anyway, today I met some of the very awesome people in my life :D which means more than one! And guess what day it is? Fridayyyy!!!


It's tkd day!!

And there was the sub instructor 'cause sir isn't fully well yet. The tall dark skinned dude who is 'a chemical engineer in the day, a tkd assistant instructor in the evening and a party animal at night' (Y) HAHAHA. Seeing him kick, I realise how scary it is to have to fight someone who actually knows what he's doing. I only know a little. I know a little lah!!

Something slipped out of my mouth today. Haha. Not the kind that gets you in trouble, it's the kind where you only realise what you actually think or feel when you say it. It's not that, though. It's true, but it's not that.

Don't know whether to feel insulted or not.

Oh, I finally realized what that move was for. It's: push the person's head inwards while you do an inward crescent kick. Do some damage to his pretty face, then grab his head with both hands and go into a horse stance while you swing him down. Awesome!!

Ehh...studied at coffee bean and tea leaf today with c hahaha!! htht <33 ^^ :)) An hour well spent! Definitely let's do it again sometime :D

Keep thinking that this or that person's got it easy, that most of us are living mundane lives. Then it turns out that no. Family problems - breakups and violence, personal problems - serious ones, really scary ones, painful ones. Is it safe to assume then, that really everyone I've met has gone through something or another? And that as I meet more and more people, the chances of them having undergone and survived some physical or mental catastrophe would increase? (assuming these people are of my age group => lived longer hence higher probability of facing such troubles)

I don't know whether super violent games, videos, increasing dependence on technology and a growing inability to spell properly outside the sms realm (among sooooo many others) is going to turn this whole generation into monsters. I can't tell - who can?

I do know, though, that the people I've met are really, really strong. We've gone through some honestly crazy and scary issues, and we've gone crashing right into bare concrete to come out battered the other side.

Well most of us emerged stronger, so I argue from this intangible standpoint. We'll survive, and we'll do better than that :) People say our parent's generation was better. I think they're comparing apples with oranges. marshmallows and tuna. They taste gross together, by the way.


On the bus home, these three germans guys got on and started having this mixed german-english debate. Nein! I had to grin, I wonder what we seem like to them.

And lastly, you said 'if it goes further'. Hmm.

I had a goal. I called it success then.

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