Thursday, September 1, 2011

restless || "I Love You" - Avril Lavigne

Is it dumb to trust? I think jiaxin would say that, there's no point wondering if your trust will be misplaced in the future, because we will never know what will happen in the future, so no, it's not dumb to trust, if you believe that the person is worthy of it. 

Maybe that's true. 

But one day if I look back and think, I was so dumb. I hope I'll be able to think that it's okay to be dumb sometimes, too. I hope I won't swear to myself I'll never let myself be dumb again, because this is the way I want to live, and being dumb sometimes is part of it. Not moronic, duh, just...childish. 

And I'm down becauuuuuuse...what's new LOLOLOL I actually get down at specific times HAHA so there's nooo reason and by the way for all you awesome awesome readers LOL - 

flattery always works, apparently

- I'm going for wilson!!!!! 

*happy dance* 

one more time!


HAHAHA. I can't believe the promises I made - I can't believe the promises I'm going to have to keep - but thank goodness my parents let me go. 

Sore topic. Forget it. 

Anyway. I'll come to terms with my issues with trust when I come to terms with it but, believe it or not, it's already -. Believe it or not. 

I'm not sure I do! Hahahaha. 

Basically, if it's 'the pursuit of happiness' because it's always being pursued and never attained, then the meaning of life is? 

In the meaningless chase for happiness? 

I'll believe in happiness :) Keeping in mind it's different for everyone, that what makes me happy now might not make me happy two years (two seconds!) later, that I'm believing in something fickle and perhaps fleeting, 

it should be fine this way anyway? :D 

That's why I said, dumb.

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