Monday, September 5, 2011

relaxed || "Blame It On Me" - Parachute

I'd talk about why I woke up late and missed chem today, but...I walked into a lamppost on the way to school and forgot. One good thing about them is that they don't curse you back. 

Just kidding. 

Anyway, today I ran with sy to novena!! :DD Okay, we so ended up talking so much we gave up and walked but...150 minutes a day! Am I making any sense? Haha. 

I didn't even know there was a shopping centre in novena (I didn't even know where novena was) and it turns out it's an awesome place!! Firstly, 

Okay wait I won't bore you. 

Thing is, I think it's mainly who you go with, not where. Haha in this case who and where were both (Y) (Y) ;D Firstly, did you know dunkin' doughnuts sells food, like real food hahaha. Why eat anything but doughnuts at dunkin' doughnuts? Why bother selling anything other than doughnuts LOL. 

Then we walked into some sports shop and it sold beanies!! HAHA and weights too. I bent down and read the list of price, weight (lb and kg) and rubber coated or not and some other stuff cause the waterman is crazy over them for some reason...and my brother declared over the phone that he's gonna buy some when he gets back. 

So, yeah, I had better know if they're toe-crushing menaces or really harmless big paperweights...then a store worker came up and smiled, "hello, are you looking for weights?" 

I backed off so fast I crashed into the punching bag and yay it doesn't punch back either! LOL it's actually quite huggable. 

1. the pearls from mr bean taste weird and 2, yami yoghurt sells drinks!!! 

Then we went to a korean supermart, the kind that sells everything from stationery to food to makeup and I found the files I've been looking for ^^ But no money (cause it was supposed to be a running trip but oh well) so I'll just have to go back again. 

Oh there's a shop called Seoul Good HAHAH xDD And Chicken Pot!! Or something haha we're just easily amused. Thennnn

as usual I won't end a post without some emo stuffs or other, 

It really won't be hard at all to decide which is more important. At the same time that's not the way it's supposed to be. But I don't want to make it any other way because, truthfully, what's the point? **Convoluted nonsense** 

Ah but there is a point, after now I've to decide whether or not I'm willing to swallow some buckets of ash. Ahhhhhh...Can't I just be irresponsible and do whatever I want.

Obviously not, I'm not 5 anymore. Sigh. I couldn't even do what I wanted when I was 5! Well, I could, but I got whacked for it :/ Me and every other 5 year old curious devil. Thinking about the consequences of doing something is frustrating sometimes, but I've considered, and maybe, being completely ready to face the consequences of everything I do is what strength means - to me. 

Sy says lit people think about different stuff. Maybe. Maybe we just think about the same stuffs, but in different ways. Well, whatsoever. Oh and I do state that my child, if I ever have a child, will not be named Penelope. Or Montessori. HAHA.

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