Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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I want to go up and climb a mountain. Alone. 

Singapore doesn't have mountains. Nope.

I'd probably trip over a root and get a concussion. Yup. (LOLOL for the first time today I tripped going down stairs wah seh) 

I won't make it back alive. No. I will. 

I won't make it to the peak. Damn right I will. 

I won't cook what is generally known as edible food. Maybe :/ Eat grass la. 

I'll start tearing halfway. *water source*

If there's a freaking leech I will scream. You know what those bloodsucker's mouths are like?? It's something out of a horror movie sia. They are disgusting. Give me spiders, snakes, cockroaches (okay maybe not) (actually maybe YES), crocodiles (HAHA NSmen you're gonna have to fight 'em), anything but leeches ew ew ew. 

Today's just like that, hey? Every other day, I want us to go up all 8. I want yanrui's and mralex's cookinggg hahaha!

If it's all locked up chained up and buried inside, and I have no detectors no keys and nothing. All I can do is turn everything upside down, make the mud blow up sky high. 

If everything is only as you see it and I see it as perfectly fine, is it? Or am I deceiving myself? 

Perhaps consciously, everything is only as we see it. And subconsciously, it's everything else. That's why conscious and subconscious aren't supposed to - consciously - mix. They're two separate entities because one is aduh defined by the other, mixing them just might result in madness. 

So do we live governed by our conscious or subconscious? Because our subconscious might have the right of it 10 times out of 10. Fine. All the time. 

10/10 perfect score hahaha

But it's impossible to look through the lenses of our subconscious cause 

we are conscious. 

I'm trusting in subby now, then, to be my balloon. Just a bit is fine, I think I can take it from there. On the other hand, I think I can take it from here :) 

On a side note: I don't know what it feels like cause it's never happened to me before. At least not on such a creepy level hahaha. And it's been going on for so long, it's got to be mega-disturbing. 

On the other hand, what to do? Telling him to his face (and what to tell anyway LOL) would just result in a....result in him denying everything. Nothing changes. 

Maybe ignoring the problem would help. Promos coming up. It's not as easy as just 'don't think about it' but try la. Not worth wasting your time (seconds of your life!) being troubled over this. 

On the other hand he's not the only one yeah? ;) we can't exactly walk in 'cause it's a problem between the the two of you but if need help, there will be. Don't worryyyy. 

On another side note: I'm skipping posting songs for awhile

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