Sunday, September 25, 2011

procrastinat-y ||

Oh just a qualification: I haven't shredded my arms to pieces in the fall LOLOL. I scraped my hands. That's it. I'll survive to see another day. I'll survive to see promos, dammit great!

And while I'm on it (while I'm procrastinating) I just found out something cool. When I started this blog it was cause I was feeling emo. LOL. Which is why I named it mayday, I think. Not sure. Maybe I just thought it sounded cool. It does, though?

But I just found out that mayday's also a festival. In Ireland it's called the Beltaine festival (which sounds cool too HAHA), which is the festival of optimism! And, uh, fertility. But the main point here is optimism!!

Smile :) :) :) s'okay, even if you fall just get up again. Even if you wanna throw things around, you can use pillows. Throw milo balls HAHA omg on friday when I stayed back to do zuo wen the guys got bored and started throwing milo balls around and catching it in their mouths hahaha!! It was super entertaining LOL. Esp when gabu threw it from the back of the room to the front and hanhao caught it!!! With his mouth!! awesome!! (Y)(Y) We were SO BORED HAHAHA

Even if you want to kick yourself. S'okay. Just do it and get over with it. Do it ONCE. You wanna kick yourself for how long?

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