Saturday, September 24, 2011

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The Summer SetsetsetsetsetGO!

Oh today I slept till 8, did zuowen and all the chinese stuffs then slept. Woke up at 4, read Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy, laughed, stoned, then went running. Haha I was stoning again because I know the path like the top of my feet LOLOL then all of a sudden I TRIPPED. Now I can't move both hands much cause of the scrapes. Screw it the path was straight some more. This means writing is going to be a joke man.

On the plus side my skin's a nice pinkish colour. Around the cuts hahaha.

My brother's coming back tmr!! Ayyye

Nervous sia.

But whatever, he's still my big brother. Who shared his lollipops with me when we were young LOL. And had secret meetings with me under the table (Y) To all the big brothers of the world: Your job is to take care of your little sisters!! I know we can be annoying as hell sometimes. Sometimes we're just horrible because we refuse to be wrong. Even if we know we are.

And we tell our friends how horrible you are, but then we really never forget all the times you were good to us. We even find the times you get all sorry and desperate when we cry funny. Especially if you were the one who bullied us till we cried.

And if you're most times too busy with your ()&#@&^&*%^ games to help us with our homework/listen to us whine it's fine cause we don't go to you for help much anyway. But thanks for always standing up for us when we need it (Y)

Er, as for little sisters...

I don't know. We're pretty much all awesome.

We're lucky to have awesome older brothers <3

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