Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Oh nononono I have to post this ahahaha

I was at cold storage - yes, I finally got it and no, it's not the teriyaki fish crackers and isn't that the funniest food you've ever heard? Anyway in front of me at the counter queue there was this lady carrying a little boy. A very cute little boy, but that's not the point. Haha normally beside counters there's a selection of sweets and batteries and stuffs like that right. Guess what this one had.

HAHA. Rated. I think this is rated. If you're someone who can't stand those ads at the side of the road that go, we give you protection/we cover you all the way or whatever crap, then you shouldn't go on. Really. Really really.

'Cause this shelf had condoms HAHAHA and the little kid was grabbing at them like they were sweets!! So cute omg. Oh not what you expected? HAHA I don't know if this is considered rated but it sure is rated for a 5 year old kid. He was like, GA! trying to snatch them off the shelf hahahah.

Okay enough laughing. LOLOLOL.

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