Thursday, September 29, 2011

hehe ||

I got to grow up ): can't keep being irresponsible and seeing things however I want to.

today I went running with my big brother :)

hahaha!! it was fun. I think he'll just keep improving because, come on, my family's got good running genes! HAHA. No kidding :)

I think training with tahanners has warped my perception though. With 15min invisible chair, crazy tankers, insane pullupers, stupid keep going faster when tired people, making dumb jokes when tired people, I get a little er. flabbergasted. haha! But I wasn't even impatient, which is pretty surprising. I thought I'd be blowing up.

But nooo in the end I love dage too much :P And he said some pretty surprising things too. Somehow he's more bright :) Not just the things he says, but the way he says it?

:) :) :) :)

If I change all the lyrics in 'never grow up' to 'never give up' :D

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