Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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then I realised that I didn't give it to you LOLOL. still got so many people I haven't given, well, I hope the postcard good luck reaches all of you anyway :)

Lalala. I am seriously convinced he is screwing with us. Seriously. First do this then say that. Either he's messing with us or he's just messing with himself without even knowing it. This is like some joke already, &*(&*^%$#%^

Well, whatever. No point worrying, esp if after promos nothing happens. And if something does happen, LOL. Which seems more and more unlikely. There's only one possible outcome. Whatever happens though, it's a bit sad that something that's so important to someone can become a joke like this. But it's his own fault for broadcasting it :P

Is it completely absolute that a -- type of person is never going to get along with a -- type? Can you even group people like that, make such a statement? It probably depends on circumstances and how extremely -- the person is.

I read The Disintegration Machine, which is pretty morbid. He wasn't killed, even worse: he kena suspended as a molecular cloud for the rest of his life. Because the smart dumbass made sure no one else knew how to operate the machine. Then I read the intro of The Time Machine, was convinced that it was a beautifully crafted classic, decided my heart, brain and soul weren't up for it at the moment and went to read bio.

Our bodies are just so brilliant. I love my every cell. And every RNA polymerase. Even the tRNA's. Yay I love meee :DDD ;D :) xDD :DD

HAHA self-glorification to the MAX.

go danbo go!!! 

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