Saturday, September 3, 2011

gahaha. random || "My World" - Avril Lavigne

Something about the weather. 

When I was a kid and got locked out of the house (it doesn't happen alot hahahaha. Really.) I went to the playground downstairs. Then it started to rain. I sheltered under the red playground roof and felt miserable for a little while. It was fun, though. There was that element of otherworldliness. Sure it was cold, and wet, and kind of scary because rain is scary (think: gaydong HAHA) but for a while my surroundings were totally unrecognizable and...I was somewhere else. 

Of course, it totally doesn't work when it rains in school. 

You know rain usually comes in curtains right. HAHA. Anyway, if it's raining hard enough you can see sheets of it blowing diagonally. It's pretty cool when you stop under shelter, dripping wet, to find that only one side of you is dripping wet. And the other side's perfectly dry! Awesome :D

Why do we usually equate raindrops to tears? What if each drop was a world :) Which has it's own living beings, cultures, beliefs, beauty. Ignoring the fact that worlds would then be dropping from the sky and crashing on the ground - in our hair on our cars through our clothes - wouldn't that be cool? I don't know what drinking rainwater would become - what would rainwater become HAHA -'s pretty! 

That's 200% of your daily dose of randomness. For health and safety concerns, you should go no farther :P 

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