Tuesday, September 6, 2011

bored || "Strange World" - Parachute

I can't believe that it's taken me so long to notice, but e really is an interesting person. Like really really. Insofar as every person is unique in his or her own right, she's just amazingly different. In a good sense :) Seems like people who believe in themselves very strongly are the easiest targets, for obvious reasons. She'll make it. We all will ;) 

Hennnaaaaaaaaa. I want hennnaaaaaaa. Hahaha! I got a lot of scars, so, nope, no henna :( Don't want to paint them over or anything, I'm proud of them! My scars, not the henna. Though I'm proud of henna too, good job prettying up people all over the world (Y). But more like, I feel bad for the hennaaaaa. Sialahahahaha. I love how you can link a word to make a haha. Like, ahhhahaha. Or wahahaha. gahahaha. bahahahahaha HAHA! 

It's super dumb when you make yourself laugh by laughing! Okay, yay, today is a cheerup column. For all the unfortunates who have to go to school like every day of the week, have faith!! In what hmmm...dunno, as long as it's not...actually we can have faith in anything, really. Whatever works for you :P But have good food good rest and good moods and everything'll be fine :D Well maybe not but it helps. Yeah. I know. Advice fail. 

Well this isn't an advice column, it's a cheerup column!!! :P For the people who are stressed till they wanna die please breathe a bit relax and uhhhh...go back to work LOL. On the bright side, dunno about you but learning stuff really makes me feel like my world's expanding. Now it includes stuff like ras and p53, yay! 

Yeah lah, I know you learnt that like 2 weeks ago -_____-

Got me living in a strange world strange world strange world. Truly. But I dream in colours! :) This song's faintly paranoid, it's not for me. But ah it's so catchy. 

And I was thinking; you know; maybe; things could be; [2m] 

Awesome (Y) I've lost it. Anyway. 

It's interesting but I always thought we were supposed to tiptoe when doing slamming kick (axe kick) Turns out that decreases the area of contact between foot and floor => easier to get knocked down by opponent => baddd!! 

Then right. Turns out that doing it any other way results in me breaking my foot on my opponent's shoulder. Unless I fight a primary school kid and I never will, unless fight means trading insults and all that. So. I don't know. Jumping slamming kick? Ooooh cool. Hahaha. 

Nah, before I get to kick the guy would either 1.run away or 2.kick me or 3.die laughing. 

Sian. Back to copying bio. 

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