Monday, September 26, 2011

awful ||

That's it; no more. At least now I know. And now that I know, next time, no more. If I break after all the bend, then I'll just have to, won't I?

Who gave you the right to give me this kind of hope? To bring me up so I might just fall harder. And I haven't even crashed yet but you've already gone and swung me up. Who gave you the right, dammit. But thank you. Crash or not, thank you.

Honestly wrong, it was all for me and I'm the one at fault. But how am I supposed to deal with that? To say yes, you put yourself at stake there, to say that first I need to --. And all your hurt and pain will come this way like I'm some electronegative ion.

There are people who actually do it. They can bring themselves to trust that there's going to be enough happiness to make everything else worth it. They trust themselves to be strong enough to absorb the bad.

I wonder. This might have been how you felt.

And now what's left is the catch or fall.

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