Monday, August 29, 2011

wide awake || "Pretty Boy" - 2NE1

In the end I'm not sleeping early tonight HAHA.

I really really don't like pictures :/ Maybe that'll change. Hopefully that'll change! :D

"If you put a reasonable person in front of an unreasonable situation, getting crazy is the most reasonable choice. And I think this is what he has done." - Chiara Lepora

There are people. They're starving. Their children are starving. They walk for days carrying their sick child to the only hospital around that doesn't charge to save a life.

Sometimes they die on the way. Sometimes they arrive, alive, with a corpse in their arms.

Sometimes they come with gunshot wounds. Or infections leaking pus. Or tumors, swellings, diseases, infections.

Then there are doctors who have to witness, over and over, life slipping out from under their hands. Was it their fault? Did that decision kill the woman, child, man? If they had acted faster, smarter, would he/she still be alive?

Doctors hold in their hands the most sacrosanct things possible.

I wonder if it's alright to be bothered by things like this when they are crying because they have no food to eat and no way to get it.

Must we necessarily live according to our environment?

I suppose so :/

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