Thursday, August 25, 2011

whatever it's called || "Hips Don't Lie" - Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean

Hips don't lie MY FOOT LOLOLOL.

I don't know either haha! Whatever.

My stomach can't decide whether to be or not to be. Anymore and I'll just ignore it (Y)

Aaaaand...tomorrow should be interesting. I still have no idea what to write. Keeping in mind the advice I've gotten, and which I've learnt not to take too seriously because I never say the whole story, not to her, I think...

I think I still don't know what to write.


It's so coincidental it's almost scary. Nope I never said it. That's because there shouldn't have been any overlapping, there shouldn't have been any coincidence between plane one and plane two.

Or maybe it was inevitable. If things were like this already, does that mean that they were bound to reach that end point? Mmmm. Put another way, if the conditions were like this, this r.t.p, does that mean the products are already predetermined? How strange. That's suffocating.

It's almost as if things will move in that exact way because of the conditions right now. And that from there, they'll move on to another exact point because of those conditions, which means that fate does exist.

If I kick myself now to prove that independent will outside of this inescapable track exists, is it really proving it, or was it already decreed I'd do that because I thought this?


I'll kick myself anyway.


I don't really like chinese lessons after all.

Pussum knew the inevitable rainy day would come. Mrkoh highlighted that, perhaps, suffering was an inevitable part of the woman existence. Maybe suffering even defined - defines? - the woman existence, just like happiness in women's lives could not (cannot?) be defined except in terms of marriage.

Something else caught my eye, though.

Are there half-people?

Or rather, are there whole people?



Waterman camping at school today. Eh.

Please emerge alive.


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