Sunday, August 21, 2011

sundayish! || "Pocketful Of Sunshine" - Natasha Bedingfield

Unforeseen circumstances = the yoghurt is sitting on its head in the fridge.

When I told my mom we'd have to pour out the yoghurt from the bottom instead of from the top (where the lid is HAHA) she just said, oh, okay.

My mom's just awesome haha!

Then my dad just told me because of the *AHEM* unforseen circumstances (nah he didn't put it that way) we'd have to finish the 1litre box of yoghurt today.

Healthy immune system, much? :D


I seem to have just found out the existence of tourism and hospitality.

It sounds interesting! :)

When I asked my brother over the phone he was like errrr...



Who knows what's a gaming convention hahaha.

About 5 years ago my brother brought me to one. I remember that the place was mostly filled with guys, so I felt really out of place. Then I got lost HAHA and couldn't find my brother.

People were like, what is this small girl doing in a place like this?

Then when I got hungry and annoyed hahahah I found an unreal tournament game and started playing. (Y) I love my childhood

Gosh I'm too young to be reminiscing! :P! :/

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