Tuesday, August 2, 2011

strange || "Let's Just Fall In Love Again" - Jason Castro

So many good things happened today, I'm even listening to such a gay happy song

So please tell me, why do I feel like crying?

Is it okay to still live so irresponsibly? I always laughed at myself for being ego before. But it isn't funny anymore. It's not funny at all anymore.

And I've realised I cannot read people. Lately it's mostly all I can do just to figure out that something's not right. I can never figure out what's inside, or why.

I'm selfish enough to still behave like I've always done.

What on earth's going to happen from here?

Thinking back at the start of the six months I was still scared. And then I was surprised. And then I was touched, and determined, and inspired, I couldn't believe how amazing these people were.

And now I'm like this. In another six months, don't worry, I'll be even more awesome.

The point, though, is that I don't want to...take two steps forward and one back.

I wasn't lying. I'm sorry. Not today, but not yesterday either. Never did lie to you.


On another note, my phone died at an interesting moment.

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