Saturday, August 20, 2011

sneezy || "It Girl" - Jason Derulo

I spent the whole day reading The Magic Of Recluce :D Why don't guys like to read? How strange :/ Or maybe guys think it's weird that girls like to read. Zzzz.

My dad says if I play anymore computer my eyes will become a computer screen shape.
_____ _____
| | | |
|____| |____ |

Like that? HAHAHA

Oh yesterday during tkd I taught Lucas his entire pattern! :DD He was so serious it was pretty cute. I was surprised because when I was learning white...I was pretty serious too gosh HAHAHA but normally kids are like yeah yeah yeah...right block left block turn right block left block can I go PEEEEEEEEE OMG they're hilarious.

Oh but Lucas was super serious. Haha.

I must be an awesome teacher :DDDDD LOL LOL LOL

His mom filmed him with her ipad o.o

I just remembered the first time I heard this song I thought he said "baby you're the shit girl" -___-"

Like "I'm not gonna raichu a love song" LOL

Right it's a random day. I have yet to respond to the when are we studying together thing because. Troublesome LOL.

OMG my jigsaw!

I'm going to go drink something hot haha it's been a sneezy day. Come to think of it normally on my left is van, who's got rudolph moments lately, and on my right is jess, who's been sick on and off too.

GOSH darn flu thingummies. I want to believe something dumb like muscles eat viruses for lunch or something, which would be awesome because then they'd get fat while you'd get well + get buff. But not possible. Life isn't quite that fun.

Yet. :D

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