Monday, August 8, 2011

smiley || "Stop And Stare" - One Republic

Oh I didn't answer the question. Hahaha!

During national day celebration I wasn't that high because right in front of me (literally right in front LOL) was going on some stuff that...just made me, hmmm. Not quite sad, just, I don't know, not really as high as I could be.

I don't know what people fight for ): If we sat back and wondered why we do certain things, or where we're going with what we do, then could we justify it to ourselves?

Well whatever, not as if I can justify to myself the stuff I do most of the time LOL. Like walking into doors and all of that HAHA joking. More like the reason why I -, - and - hahahaha.

For some reason right, it's easier to be high when everyone expects you to be sad, and be down when everything's quite perfect.

LOL I saw that in borders and thought it was super cute! xDD Haha but I didn't get it I really want a wallet that says 'Mood Swing'? Nooo sir -___-

But nah, it's not a mood swing thing it's more like an issue of perspective. Or so jiax would say haha!

Why so complicated lol. If I'm happy I'll laugh, when I'm sad I'll (try not to) cry and when I'm angry I'm...angry (if I don't like you LOL) Now if only things were that simple haha. The most common problem is when I don't even know what I'm feeling haha. For sure I'm not the only one who's felt it, not knowing quite whether you're happy or not, or sad or not (though anger is pretty clear-cut, unless you're angry and amused at the same time, which is what...HAHAHA nvm xD)

Or more like, I'd be angry while knowing I really shouldn't be, then I'd just feel lousy. How are you supposed to act when you're feeling something you know you've got no reason to feel? Or at least no reason which you can justify.

I mean, I know everyone has the right to feel what they want, whenever and however they want. But acknowledging that you do feel it means that you're not really the person you'd like yourself to be, see? Or not. Haha this is pretty confusing for me.

I think I'll just be like, oh, shucks, I'm pretty annoyed right now. Aww I'm such an awful person. Never mind.

At least I know it's wrong (or is it, if everyone has the right to feel what they want?) Or at the least, I know it's not who I want to be. So it's a constant journey of self-improvement? LOLLL. Or, hmm, giving more benefits of the doubt. Be nicer lah.

Now the only reason I'm thinking about this is...

Wait, why am I thinking about this HAHAHA

Eesh. I had better go mug like some good kid, which is what every bad kid should aspire to be.

Before that though, today was awesome :D

Haha jess and I were wondering why on earth - was happening and it just turned out to be a misunderstanding hahaha!! Thank goodness, though I wonder...hmm I wonder what guys would think if they knew LOL. Better that they don't :P

But today really was a great day :) The first date and it was totally unexpected xD I could go on and on and on about how tomato puree is nice, octopuses are nice hahaha! and how the watermen drinks should just be sold as a new drink, how I saw some really wonderful sights and how, wait how on earth did you manage to scam me so many times haha but! I shall not ramble LOL.

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