Saturday, August 13, 2011

sleepyzzz || "Nothing Else Better To Do" - David Archuleta

I decided to follow sy's advice to go home bathe and sleep. Ignore your hungry tummy cause when you wake up you can eat breakfast!

Coincidentally my mom has found the cinnamon muesli bar I stuffed behind the cereal. I think it's the same one haha. She offered it to me and that cemented my 'don't eat at this dumbbbb hour' resolution.

"Nah, muesli bar got a lot of calories one. Not good to eat at night," I said. I was thinking something along the lines of, omg a muesli bar. Save me...

Then my mom said, "what does that mean? It's fattening?" (She was eating it)

Uh. I went to bathe. My mom went in and locked me out and bathed at 12.20 am hahaha. Steal my bath from me. Which is why I'm here now. I should be more tactful maybe. Dunno.

Anyway today was an awesome day. Next week is going to be some hellride but heyyyy. I shall...make it a fun hellride LOL.

Today I taught some kid called Lucas his white belt pattern. He was like 7, and his mom kept her video cam trained on us the whole time. Like, I'm not going to assault him. In any sense of the word. Seriously.

HAHAHA I honestly found it cute though. Like, video camming her son's first tkd lesson! Wow got pressure sia.

Oh talking about seriously, we spent 1 whole hour of lit talking about how we should perhaps take serious things un-seriously. About how, if someone commits a crime and the only person who witnesses it doesn't find it a crime, does that make it less of a crime? About how perception can change whether or not something is a 'crime', but can it change whether or not it is morally wrong?

ERRR HAHAHA. I love lit.

Actually there is a very good reason why I'm so tired right now. I think jiax and I were talking about the meaning of religion. Which is such a broad topic...I think there are books on this. Like, huge old dusty volumes that need muscles to lift.

We were talking about it on the crowded bus, on the front end. Beside the bus driver.

I think we nearly made him crash hahahaha.

Okay the bath's free. Yay. Time to play with fake rain.

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