Saturday, August 6, 2011

- || "Perfect" - Simple Plan

It's the realization that nobody's actually strong. That's why the people who try are so amazing.

Yep yesterday was our team dinner!! :D It's the first team dinner that wasn't after a training and without the seniors hehe :D It was nice eating at yoshinoya though I felt scammed after realising that under the meat was rice not noodles...LOL!

You don't need to try so hard lah. But you need to try harder! Sometimes I feel so helpless.

Especially now LOL when my dad just came in and handed me my block test results. Oops.



Feels like a joke

As if there were never wings in the first place

As if the sky was black ground and shards of glass


I wonder if that was the case, do I bend down and try to break through what's under my feet instead? And if I got through would that just bring me further under or higher up? Searching for the sky makes me feel so constricted.

And that sounds like a joke, really, when I look up and see the clouds.

Hope I'll never forget to see what's really there and feel embraced by it

This is wonderful in a moment I shall have a good talk with my dad. Which is funny because I've given up talking and he's doesn't listen anyway so let me rephrase it, after a moment my dad will walk away satisfied that everything's okay and we've properly discussed everything like a dad and daughter should and in a moment I'll have been scolded.

Are you an idiot yingyue? You dissin' people for no reason?

...It's such a beautiful saturday this feels like such a waste.

I'll try, okay. I'm sorry. I don't know.

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