Saturday, August 13, 2011

mixed || "What Makes You Different" - The Backstreet Boys

"I don't know how it happened either"

That was something I wasn't shameless enough to say. But really, how? I understand it a little, but all those little things should have been so insignificant. Maybe that time was the last chance and we blew it.

Everyone's trying in their own way but we're just like that. That sounds like an excuse but it is true that, well, even from the start this sort of stuffs was difficult. His fault my fault our fault your fault what the heck this sort of thing really, is exactly what we shouldn't be doing.

Maybe it wasn't the last chance aye. It's always too early to tell until it's over. I'll try harder next time, shouldn't be like this, really.

Ouch somehow the talk with my mom brought my mood down.

No I'm not pissed.

...She's not pissed either HAHAHA.

It's just a very songs-which-made-me-high-in-the-afternoon-now-sounds-jarring kind of mood. LOLLL


Interestingly enough it seems like we've got pretty good response for wilson trail. It's all the nyaa gold people rushing LOL.

Interesting people are coming.

One year later and I've somehow made peace with that...piece of awful crap that happened. Gosh. I wasn't even in the middle of it, I wonder what she thinks when we meet?

Ahhhh. I have so not made peace. Never mind. I can live with it. Wilson will be...hahaha.

This isn't exactly the place where I write my incoherent thoughts so, to summarize concisely: Hehe tahan won't have to worry about lack of response from wilson, rather the opposite. And there'll be awesome people coming! So yup, it should be fun :)

Talking about wilson.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 13784671434923590

That's not some abstract code, that's piano on keyboard

This isn't me trying to be pitiable, it's playing piano on keyboard HAHA.

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