Thursday, August 4, 2011

mixed || "All Of You" - Colbie Caillat

The gym right. Is not a form of personal expression. So I take it pretty not-so-well when some random dude comes in and sets the music to his ipod and amps the volume to 20 (I seriously think so, it was the kind of loud that hurts)

And then some guy went over with apparently the same opinion as me (it was LOUD) and did something I wouldn't have done xD he turned it offffff ahhhh...gym is 40% music and 30% fun and 30% exercise you know?

HAHA but after that I tried to play songs in my head and it actually worked! :D It was only about six lines so I was driving myself crazy but can lah. Gym was still fun haha. Niaaaaa

The highlights of today are:

Joshua getting owned (even by his own group that seriously sucked. I know they've got reasons to be pissed but no don't gang up on him in front of the class. I know I bully him but that's okay cause he openly niaos me like crappp but to you guys he's not done anything bad has he? It's awful when you do it, especially you, that is called hypocritical) because of his catchphrase "polygamy is a way of living" which he used to rebut EVERYTHING HAHA.

No it actually wasn't a good highlight. It wasn't nice at all.

Then there was...eating with jess boss and gabu haha talking nonsense and realising that I haven't been thinking wrongly after all, what I thought is correct. Now I want to know why haha!

Getting caught in math talking to van HAHA which is not a good thing either but somehow it's okay xD

Watching you struggle during chinese and trying to take it off your mind without stepping on any landmines...ah, I think right, there are some really amazing people in this world. I honestly admire you for the effort you're putting into fighting on, and even in the way you've managed to somehow make a sort of peace with everything. Enough said haha.

Chinese was actually interesting, talking about maturing and growing up. Laoshi told us some personal stories, and I was absolutely stunned. Going by the way she said it and the look on her face they were probably true stories. That's amazing. In that kind of position would I have been able to do what they did? Gosh. If I lost so many people dear to me one after another, in such a short time, I don't know if a month would be enough. I don't know if I could find joy in simple things again. What he did wasn't an act of weakness, it was pure courage.

And then spending time together haha.

Oops got to go. Haha. No. Seriously xD

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