Tuesday, August 30, 2011

lame || "So Close" - Jill Paquette

Ehehe :D

My pw group has a muscle relaxation proposal thingy in one of our office relaxation schemes aaand...

It's pretty longwinded but basically you have to tense one foot for 10 sec, then relax, tense your calf for 10sec and relax, tense your thigh for 10sec and relax. Then repeat with your other foot.

Suggestions for improvement:
Office workers might end up with cramps LOLOLOL

This weather is just...well, it's good to be home.

Climbing mountains was a good experience. For the first time realising how the feel of concrete under feet is a luxury. So is bathing, brushing teeth, clean clothes, cooked food, a bed. Sounds so corny but it's true.

It's not as if I've gained the lessons I'm supposed to have gained from mountain climbing, but it's not as if there's such a thing as a fixed lesson.

Oh, something I read in a library book (our school library too wowowow):

Ooops I can't remember word for word. But it's a guy speaking about a movie he watched before. it was a group of ants rushing beside a ravine. Underneath was still, deep water. Then a foot came crashing down and perspective shifted; it turns out it was actually a group of ants beside a crack in the road.

For some reason the word frameshift rotation popped up in my head!

Until I realised: frameshift mutation LOLOLOL

Taking the first step is up to you; whether you step up or fall down a step is really up to everything else. Keep trying, though, and you'll find the stairs eventually :)

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