Wednesday, August 3, 2011

happy || "The Other Side Of Down" - David Archuleta

Haha so it's undeleted after all, but I still want to clarify: the parallels in my previous post were unintended LOL. At least, the more obvious one. Haha!

Yingyue...time to reflect. AGAIN. Eesh. Well at least it means I'm learning. I guess? :)

I have an awesome awesome idea what's left is to see if it'll work =^^=

Rock climbing ended today. I have come away with the conclusion that it's a pretty mental sport. Sighh. I should have tried harder, but there's no point now is there? I could have not stepped on that snail 5 years ago (I think) but there's no point now is there? LOL. Nah. It's a bit sad but I don't really need to climb to the top of a rock wall to be happy :D

Now that I've finished typing all the random stuff I could possibly, let me see. Let's go with the happy theme haha! Or rather the 'happiness' theme. I could write an entire essay, but the point isn't to make a point. Everyone's going to have their own opinions, and I don't actually think that your opinion is wrong. I'm not trying to prove that I'm right, right now, because I don't believe that I am completely right xD

The thing is, I think the reason why I can argue so idealistically right now is because I'm not living on the streets. I'm not struggling to get by day to day, I have everything I need and quite a lot of what I want.

But one day if I ever do end up living on the streets (read: if I fail my promos and my parents disown me TOUCH WOOD) sitting in the rain outside without any shelter (read: lost my house keys and the security guard wouldn't let me in) and despite that I still manage to find happiness, then I think whatever I find happiness in, would be true happiness. If I manage that then I would be proud of myself, really.

Wet, hungry, and still proud of myself, awesome!

Oh the thing is right.

I am pretty happy right now :) Haha. And that's enough. LOL.

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