Sunday, August 28, 2011

blur || "Because Of You" - After School

YAY we got a president with the initials...


Damnit I want to know how you manage 2 freaking hours of sleep. Feels like my head isn't quite part of me anymore.


1. math assignment
2. chem p-smth starts with p LOLOL some kind of class test. performance task!
3. tkd comps coming upppp

moan moan whine whine

we're just there for show because not enough people are competing, I think, but no we're not going to go in there and throw face LOL. Unlike last time when we went doing sah jang when we were just yellow belt. Now we're doing patterns we know! ayehehehe

No sparring. After prelims and jiaxin's A's we're gonna practice hehehe. She's not very very fast but she's unexpected and...strong. Yeahhhhh.

On the bright side:

...I'm sure there's a lot of it somewhere's. I just can't think of it right now. Uh.

1.I'm alive. That's always good. Always happy to be alive.

2. I'm blue-brown. Oh yeahhhh the pattern's are getting more and more fun. I can't wait till we learn the self-defence section we're actually gonna get attacked hahahahaha. Crap wait that's scary.

3. I'm tired. Which means I'm not shag. yay \^^/

4. This is getting pathetic.

Er, do I need to state the obvious? My awesome friends <3 My awesome awesome awesome friends :)

5. The bright side is right there above the mud. Called the sun. Called the sun + sky. Until tonight, of course...

But tonight there'll be more bright sides popping up probably so no worries :)

Thinking about things that make me happy always end up making me happy hahahaha tsk tsk this mind ah...I love ya <3


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