Saturday, July 2, 2011

studious || "If This Was A Movie" - Taylor Swift

I had the headphones on for 5 mins while I messed around with the headphone adjustments trying to make the music different. Until I noticed the speaker on the table.

Yes hahaha I'm the kind that walks into doors :)

I've got an excuse today though :D I've spent the whole day not being awake for more than 2 hours consecutively, which is another way to say I've been asleep practically all day yay! When I was awake I finished the book Wild Cards: Inside Straight by George R.R. Martin.

It's a seriously good book. It's got a bit of swearing and amazing characters who actually die hehehe. First time I read a book where the some of the main characters die - the good guys too. The swearing's surprisingly okay, it's a lot better when he writes it compared to a eighteen year old who thinks a page without f*** is the biblio.

No really, f*** is a hard word to pull off. O.O HAHA ok wait topic change!

Oh, today's movie was chicken little! The orange poofy three-eyed thing was so cute but my mom thought it was a carrot with eyes LOL.

Anyway one day and 30+++ hours of sleep later I am now healed enough to talk about my chinese exam. Which could be more traumatic than chem and that is bad. That is very very bad. That is so bad I want to go back to bed and sleep but uh, no I just drank milo-cocoa-coffee mix in a 10-4-0.1 ratio so actually I can sleep but nah. I'm healed! (Y)

It was a three hour paper after a three hour chem massacre so naturally I fell asleep. Hahahaha. No lah. I didn't. I chionged like hell and hoped that the teacher understood what I was saying. I forgot how to say urgently and kind of scared in chinese so hoping that writing more = more clues for the 老师, I said 紧张急, which thinking back is actually a good description for someone who needs to go to the toilet LOL.

The first compo question was the standard 4-9 letter one on a philosophy. It's usually a killer because it's easily misinterpreted but usually many people choose it because it looks easy. Haha but in my case I didn't even understand what the philosophy was (I was guessing 'moral values overthrow sumo wrestler') so I skipped that.

I skipped the one that required you to have read the chinese textbook beforehand for obvious reasons. I skipped the one that was a comment on how the internet affects our daily lives. The necessary parts included online gaming and online trolleys (I think that meant shopping) and I didn't know how to say that in chinese!

So I did the story. I was supposed to be a girl who always gave up on stuff until a 'coincidental incident' that changed me and my attitude forever, and even my classmates reversed their views on me. Corny much!

I made the coincidental incident 'me' deciding to join the tahan people on their gunung tahan trip. Basically 'I' couldn't give up unless I wanted to be stranded on the mountain and eaten by a bear, or so I wrote on the compo. I really hope mr alex can't read chinese cause I exaggerated everything LOL. Like how the mountain 看不到, or 动物令人惊讶 (I wanted to say but I decided there was a limit to making the 老师 cry) Actually I hope mr alex can't read chinese because forever after he'll start laughing when he sees me xD

The whole point to writing how badly my chinese sucks is this: my chinese orals are next week.

I'm thinking if I go in there are start speaking malay I'll have better luck. Or I could watch chinese dramas starting from today. Eh, that might actually work :D

Wow without noticing it this post has become plenty long :)

There's a big rectangular brown paper envelope next to my bed with a dog tag and badge on top of it. It's the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see before I sleep. There doesn't seem to be any other place in my room I can put them, and I don't mind it this way.

I should do something about it though. My 1 year old cousin is coming over tomorrow and I'm going to be his babysitter. Not that I mind. Sort of...he always ends up in my room on the bed next to mine (it used to be my brothers but at some point he moved out. In exchange he has his own computer) He drools. My baby cousin, not my brother. He puts everything he finds in his mouth...okay, I absolutely have to put the badge somewhere safe. And everything else.

Haha but he finds everything funny. Seriously, everything. He's so tiny but he's constantly moving around laughing at every little thing I always want to hug him.

Not. Notnotnotnot I don't want to babysit him ahhhhh.

Oh, maybe I can teach him to tap dance or something. Even though I don't know how :D I want to learn malay dance! Haha they practice at the cc same time as tkd, and it looks really fun.

Wait, who am I kidding. With my grades it'll be a miracle if my parents let me continue tkd. Or...uh oh. Since I stalled till end of year I better start studying for my sake. Uh ohhh.

Maybe I can teach him algebra instead :D

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