Tuesday, July 19, 2011

smiley || "Something Good Can Work" - Two Door Cinema Club

If running 8k was the only thing that could take it just a bit off my mind, I think it's...time to sleep LOL. Anyway the 8k was easier this time. Easier, as in less hard. Which is like...90% difficulty haha. Half the time I was just thinking. There was one point I was grinning to myself, then another point I was making weird faces at the mirror LOL...

I think that blogs are a way to cheat, but they're full of experimental errors.

The point is :) I'm hungry omggg...be still, my dancing tummy.

Stopped by zhonghui's pw trial and it was pretty fun hehe :D I was on a down for some reason hahaha, no joshua has nothing to do with it LOL. So I just annoyed zhonghui a bittttt kinda then decided to be morally upright! (and not steal his food) and go gym :P

Feels like a long time since we talked. It was fun though! :) HAHAHA first time I saw solo laugh until his face turned red LOLLL.

Seems that everything's a-ok :)

I used to do it lots and lots. And when we exchanged I'd just be amazed, then fired up and I'd promise I wouldn't lose to you next time. It wasn't really a competition, because we were learning from each other, from each other's best points. And I did improve, and so did you.

It still feels incomplete somehow, just like yours do. I know it, and I think you do, too, because it's long past since I was supposed to send it haha. I guess I'm thinking about this now because I'm supposed to have it done by tomorrow, I think. Not quite possible.

Actually maybe it is. But something might change if I tried now, so I don't want to. Or rather, I'm excited about it but kind of scared too. Something will definitely change.

I don't know if I can handle it any more. It is unintentionally subconsciously too brutally honest.

If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we are not really living
- Anatole France

Of course I can handle it. Question is, can it handle me? :)