Tuesday, July 26, 2011

shag || "未填词" - 邓福如

It's really been two years already. I was surprised by how much you changed. I know it's got to be hard, but please keep looking forward. It's even painful, so stop it, please don't try that anymore. It was fun meeting up but why are you doing this again? Hurry up and grow up, you're a year older than me even.

Maybe I'm being too harsh :/ I probably am being too harsh! Haha. This was a reunion for me and some crazy fun for nicole but what on earth was it to you? Ahh...wait. Even though what you did wasn't so great but

you've been through some crazy stuff huh? Hearing the stories the past two years have been quite shocking for you. I wish...you didn't change so much, it was a shock for me too.

If there's a second one I'll go DUH :) but if you try it again I'll be angry haha.


Thanks for being there xD I was killing my eardrums trying really hard, really, and then you just went all, just let it out and...xD I'm just really happy to have a friend like you :) You didn't even know but you tried to help, thank you!


Today I interviewed drhon HAHAHA. He is so cool OMG! He's given our pw project a quantum leap :) I feel so bad now that at the start of school I didn't recognize him and thought he was a - LOL!!

I feel I've gained a lot of new insights, and some inspiration too. He talked to us like we were old friends, which made us really nervous at first, but towards the end it was like a normal chat. Super awesome (Y)


Finding out some very interesting things haha! :D

I don't think we're going to be typical. Which is actually pretty great :)

HAHA this blog is such a cheat!

Well yes, it's a weird post but ahh some mixed up words enlighten more than pure silence right? That's why lit is even a subject, LOL!

PS: This song makes me laugh. Bad influence, much?

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