Sunday, July 10, 2011

sad || "Talking To Myself" - Eminem

Is that how you treated us when we were young? I don't know what to say.

You don't 'exert control'. You're not supposed to. It's not a battle. How can you not know after so long?

Apparently transformers3 has quite a few mistakes, though I didn't notice anything. More like, the cars are freaking talking. That's mistake enough for me LOL.

After that we went to frolick [the shop HAHA] to eat frozen yoghurt+milo balls =^^= and talk crap hahaha. When the subject turned to tennis I found that it was really quite okay to talk about it again. So far my racket hasn't been restrung because I don't want to revisit that shop, to talk about my nonexistent tennis practice, to restring a racket I likely won't ever reuse. Yeah, it's a mountain of regrets.

But it was okay to talk about it. Really okay. I guess I've managed to keep moving on from that milestone. Don't get me wrong tennis will always be the sport that I love. But that doesn't mean I have to get all sad everytime I think about what could have been. If things had been different. It would have been awesome if the 4 of us went up to advanced together, but we didn't so it's just poignant now.

I still think that if it's not tahan, the most amazing people I've met came from tennis :) though SPEX, not school. :P

The coach who taught me how to shade drawings LOL and spent one hour showing me and teaching me.

The coach who taught us life lessons along with tennis skills.

The coach who rode a MOTORBIKE HAHA.

The 12 year old kid who could kick ass, and taught me how to never give up.

The 17 year old caucasian who taught me guys are actually stupid LOL.

My racket, who taught me that even objects have feelings.

FAULT, who taught me that whacking without thinking sometimes is the best way to go.

The three of you [four of us make: 13, 15, 16, 18] who made saturdays shine :)

Bandung bubble tea, which taught me goodbye.

I've really got so much to be grateful for.

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