Thursday, July 21, 2011

sad || "Love Love Love" - Hope ft Jason Mraz

Hmmm, I thought about it for a while - is it my mood that chooses the song or the song that creates my mood?

Well, today it's the latter one :)

School was the same, except during lit. Or more specifically, before lit, after chem. I wasn't expecting it at all. I tried convincing her the wrong way, but she's taking it too far. I don't believe this.

It's bad enough getting scolded on the stairs to the third floor staff room so that every teacher walking by is forced to hear, but she made me walk up and dragged it out on the glass door of the staff room. Then the threat, which she was absolutely serious about.

I'm not supposed to be emotional, and I can blame that on a lot of other things, but at least I'm better at this than last year LOL.

This is the first time I've managed to control my tears (Y).

Anyway I have the whole of a week to convince her.

I skipped the first half an hour of lit HAHA. I just ran to the class bench where all the physics people were.

Thanks, van, for hugging me, for hearing me out. Even though I wasn't really speaking properly anyway haha. Thanks for being patient. I'm worried that I overreacted but truly it's the first time a teacher's calling my parents. I hate it. My parents are going to be so angry at my grades, I don't need an extra scolding above this. And I just got my handphone last december, a call like that and my dad just might confiscate it permanently.

She's going to bring up the topic of my texting in class, and nothing I say is going to convince my parents that I'm not the kid who texts the most, I'm the kid who gets caught the most.

Those are just excuses, though, from now on I'll try to text only when the class is boring.

Wait, did I just say that? LOL. NO. I'm going to get good grades! :) So that no one can complain when I text HAHA. Brilliant, yingyue.

Ahhhh I can't believe I went back to the class bench. When I got back to lit mrkoh was going to go all yes? and why are you so late? I know my class is boring but I assure you it is boring only because you haven't understood the full awesomeness of the text? And I'm not being sarcastic, he's the most awesome teacher xD AH then he saw my face and stopped at 'yes?'

It was like ye-ohhh...

HAHAHA OMG now that I think about it it's super funny.

After lit I was talking to jessica and OMG it was super interesting HAHAH! With the combined power of amazing friends and chocolate brownie cookies I was laughing like mad in math. Gabriel was like O.O HAHA

He is *one* of the nicest guys EVER OMG. I understand what - said about him being - because he's super nice but he's not after you in any way at all, he's just awesomely nice to be nice.

Anyway he's just *one* because in my opinion anyone and everyone from tahan is in a different category altogether xD like nicex1000. Sorry Gabriel, you just get to be nice :O which is good! HAHA.

Awww thinking about chem has got me all down. Let's see.

Haha actually during lit I just spaced out. We were talking about the female scopophilic gaze and masturbation (I kid you not) so actually...IT WAS PRETTY HARD TO SPACE OUT LOL!!

Then we started talking about the Freudian slip, which happened during math HAHAHA XDD

And then chinese was GOOD :D My chinese zuo wen has achieved what my lit could never do, the teacher asked me to read it out to the class HAHA and I was asking 'how do you say corny in chinese!? WHAT you don't know? How about cheesy??" In the end I read it out, which was kind of embarrassing because my chinese sucks, really, and secondly the story was a little too personal.

I wrote that "I" was someone who always gave up until a coincidental occurence changed me, I think I wrote this is a previous blog post LOL. Anyway I wrote that "I" joined a friend (who had a name suspiciously like mine) to climb tahan thinking it'd be a piece of oof, then found it was it super difficult! And there was some stuff about crying in there too haha. Thinking about it now that's kind of ironic. Anyway my compo wasn't that good haha it was 4th highest in class (my compre was fifth lowest in class so I got an overall C) but for the topic I wrote about it got the highest marks because it was 'the most interesting'.

YAY TAHAN :D Putting in stuff like 'I realised how stupid I was before' and 'crying on the mountaintop' and 'I realised that giving up is worse than fighting on all the time because...' really gets to chinese teachers.

It was super funny later on when the laoshi asked thamsee how he did so well, then he said he 感觉. HAHA then the laoshi was like, 感觉最重要! I was being retarded so I wrote it down then jiaen took it and started laughing. Then she passed it around OMG HAHA even the laoshi started laughing. I had better ace the next exam LOL.

YEAH I KNOW NO LINK. I still want to ace it though! :)

Lastly, yes I know this is an amazingly long post, good job making it to the end! (Y) You can get some nyan cats and waddle ducks as reward (OH tmr is racial harmony day HAHA I'll be in ethnic dress!)

I read in - that - really don't get it sometimes. Well, what makes us so angry is what you're doing, DUH! I mean, come on...think about it just a bit?

Alright, what I'm doing here is just getting angry at myself. The easiest way to go about it is, well, if you're going to do it that way then so am I.

That's probably also the worst way.

I don't know, there's got to be a balance somewhere.

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