Monday, July 4, 2011

restless || "One In A Million" - Ne-Yo

Yesterday my older brother called home to tell me, essentially, he was having the time of his life with Haagen Dazs, Hollywood, Disneyland, and pretty girls. And that's obviously not in order of preference.

But he sounded sad. I want him back home :(

After my 1 year old cousin left yesterday my mom got into this poignant mood. Today when we went ion shopping she started telling me stories when we were young. Which usually just make me annoyed, because it's basically her telling me how cute I was and how I drew this for her or made that for her and why don't I do it anymore?

I mean, come on, she wants me to draw rabbits on pink paper for her? I think my report card is already overkill.

Okay now I feel bad.

Maybe I'll draw them LOL.

But today was different 'cause she told me about how, when she got mad at me, my brother would always stand up for me. I know he's stood up for me when my dad when volcanic since about...two years ago, but I never knew he did it when we were young too.

I mean, some of my most vivid memories were of him bullying me. Like taking my toys and calling me names and throwing stuff around? Haha he'd make me cry, which made my mom mad, and then she'd scold him and he'd get mad at me for getting him scolded.

Mmm...but I'm not even upset at that anymore because he changed a lot since then. I am kinda surprised that he stood up for me when I was younger though. I thought after getting so pissed at me all the time he'd have left me to get whatever scolding I deserved, but uh...apparently he'd

stand up straight and ball his fists and demand, "why are you going to take our tv away!?" When my mom threatened to throw it in the dump, and made me...cry. I think that's super funny, I can't believe I cried over that. If she says that now I'll laugh, because...haha.

he'd give me his (half-eaten) lollipop when I wanted one

and apparently he was a really good brother.

Which makes me feel a bit bad that I was such a bad sister.

Ahhh well, he's off somewhere having the time of his life in awesome places with amazing food and hot chicks. I think that takes the sting out some.

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