Sunday, July 10, 2011

restless || "Get Out Alive" - Three Days Grace

Suddenly the math that I couldn't do two weeks ago, I CAN DO NOW.

I feel like a genius. Awesome!

A note to 0:

jiayous! :) you've just lit up. Now keep the fire burning :D

To a person who's walked a curve:

I'm sorry, but no.
What do you take me for!?

The music I'm listening to will remain like this till I get to go out and run. First it's my parents, then it's my homework [which, honestly, I will never do if you don't let me get out thank you goodbye] and then it's rain. My precious water source but I'm not thirsty.

Haha at least I'm owning math upside down (read: FAMOUS LAST WORDS)

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