Monday, July 18, 2011

mixed || "Hate That I Love You" - Rihanna ft. Ne-Yo

I'm daoing WR for the moment to write this because I AM PISSED.

I don't care how much excuses you have on your end. I know what you've been doing, and what you have done, and how you have lied. And I am freaking pissed.

DON'T play that game, it's seriously not funny.

Birds of a feather, that's so freaking true. Keep on going, keep on throwing and have fun dearie leave my friends alone. I won't let this happen again a second time.


And despite the fact that I am very very very angry at someone...

Today's training was fun :)

For the first time I ran 8k LOL (6k without stopping, 2.5 min break then the rest) Though after playing around with mapmyrun I realised the runs I previously thought were 4k were...6k HAHAHA. But I never ran the whole thing without stopping, so :)


Hahaha yeah. It just goes to show that I am so exceedingly happy I am no longer angry. Or rather...well, I did decide to give some allowance, after all I only knew some of it. But still. Yeesh. Whatever.

I was thinking how today was really an up and down day. Having loads of fun during training HAHA. Having lots of fun during P.E (badminton!! <3) Finally something that isn't painful, and doesn't need HEIGHT haha!! Getting sleepy + kinda confused during chem was sad...then I gave up and stoned through bio. Because I already did it, and anyway she was just repeating stuff I already know. Yes, my bio rocks. However since I only selectively remember....HAHAHA no excuses, my bio sucks. LOL! I'll know tomorrow anyway T.T

Our lit teacher msheng said, "don't let a mark determine the depth of your soul"

It sure can determine the depth of my pocket money next month. LOL. Joking. Or maybe not. I've never in my life gotten such bad grades. Well, we'll see. Maybe it'll just determine my computer time hahaha.

Yayyy I've got something suuuuuper huggable hahahaha!! It's the kind of huggable that hugs you back when you squeeze it =^^=

Ups and downs in more ways than one - if things were like a clear piece of sky

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